About IPBot

IPBot started in early 2019 as an open-source development project by me, William Stafford Parsons, using the permissive MIT License template.

The idea was to make it easy for anyone to either start their own business selling proxy IPs or deploy their own powerful cloud proxy network with default server installations and minimal knowledge.


After launching GhostProxies in 2012, a side-project I was using to learn web development, it eventually grew into a full-time business in 2015 as a middle-man provider of HTTP proxy IPs for some enterprise web applications.

The Problem

After spending years in the industry as a reseller, I realized almost all existing proxy providers had poor configurations, an oversaturation of users with upstream congestion and control panels with a surprising lack of automation.

Clients would consistently complain about slow speeds, blocked access to websites, connection errors and inaccurate data.

The Solution

This urged me to lease my own dedicated servers and IP addresses.

To remain competitive with pricing, I crammed thousands of proxy IPs on each dedicated server.

This was bad practice in hindsight, but the lack of raw hardware power introduced a unique challenge.

I had to meet the existing resource demands of customers with less hardware by eliminating bottlenecks using efficient software.

After years of trial-and-error, GhostProxies became the fastest and most-reliable anonymous cloud proxy network in the world.

GhostProxies screenshot

The entire business was almost completely automated. It was processing billions of internet requests daily with 250,000+ dedicated IP addresses using only 28 dedicated servers.

The Change of Plan

Unfortunately, in early 2019, I shut down GhostProxies.

Once everything was running smoothly, things went wrong and customers started to reveal their intent to start their own internal proxy networks.

To meet these new demands (and as a portfolio piece), I decided to build an improved, free automation platform for my previous providers, customers and competitors.

This automation saves thousands of hours spent on repetitive administration tasks for web hosting companies, enterprise cloud firewalls and backbone network providers.

During the next few years, IPBot will become a complete solution as a visual OS interface for scalable cloud IP network management and a new transparency standard for the internet.