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10 Best Antidetect Browsers for Fingerprint Spoofing in 2022

    Are you operating a business asking for numerous identities online, or do you need to protect your data by hiding the online identity? You can Youays avoid snooping on websites with anti-detect browsers. Please read our article about the best anti-detect browser and narrow down the list to save time with the best options on the market.

    Online privacy is something everybody is fighting to establish. So, you are here because you want to find a way to mask your online identity with a unique browser to guard your business as an individual. You may run multiple social media platforms for your business or have the ad accounts you need to manage. Thus, besides proxies, the anti-detect browsers can also help you save the hassle.

    In our article, we have done a thorough research and came up with some of the best anti-detect browsers online that are efficient, affordable, and reliable. Take your time and go through it before making an informed decision to increase the scope of your business and evade the geo-location restriction. Before we get started, let us first introduce you to what an anti-detect browser is and find out which one dominates the industry.

    What is Antidetect Browser?

    In simple terms, an anti-detect browser is an application based on a website. This can be on firefox or even chrome. This application allows users to create numerous browsing environments or tabs with varying digital fingerprints. These unique browsers contain different identifying information, such as browser headers, cookies, etc.

    Therefore, any website can never link up these separate browsing environments to each other. In today's life, most people have shifted to exploiting the anti-detect browsers while managing their multiple social media accounts, managing the merchant profile on different eCommerce. A good example is Amazon and Google Adwords.

    If you have been searching for reliable anti-detect browsers online, rest assured that they are easy to get, and anyone can simply count them. But, they come in different varieties and capabilities because of the varying features and pricing options.

    Hence it would be best if you considered a few things. You must consider a few things and do not know how to go about them. First is the budget, then the number of profiles that the anti-detect browser offers to the customers, then technically and if it can be shared, and lastly, the ability to automate the browser and compatibility with the API integration.

    To avoid going through all these procedures, we have compiled a list of the best anti-detect browsers for you. Let us now get into details for each.

    Best  Antidetect Browsers

    1. Multilogin

    Multilogin Homepage

    • Price: €99/month
    • For: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

    Multilogin is one of the excellent choices on the market, especially when you want to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously. This is the golden standard and is considered the trusted market veteran in the industry.

    This is the company from Estonia and among the founders in the field, and no other anti-detect browser seems to come to beat it on the list. Some users have even branded it as the indigo browser among Russian users.

    The browser is capable of spoofing any fingerprints instead of taking a step to disable vital parameters such as  WebGL and Canvas; hence it is reliable on any target website. Thus, you can count on Multilogin when you want to access numerous web browsers, such as the modified firefox or chrome, but with unique fingerprints. Therefore can quickly generate a fast browsing profile and even manually adjust the parameters based on your needs.

    Multilogin stores your information encrypted on the cloud, and you can also use a single account with up to 10 people. However, this depends on the plan you select from their website. And if you are a developer, you can easily automate the application with puppeteer and selenium while generating multiple and thousands of browsing profiles within a day.

    But though it comes with many advanced features, getting it, you must be willing to spend. It is the most expensive on the market, and pricing depends on the number of profiles you want. So, consider the next option if you are operating on a fixed budget.

    2. Gologin

    Gologin Homepage

    • Price:$49/month (or $24 if paid yearly)
    • For: Windows, Linux, macOS, cloud, Android

    Gologin is still a newbie in this industry but offers excellent communication services. It has very active technical teams and also comes with cutting-throat price plans. Thus, it is an affordable alternative to Multilogin. The anti-detect browser has an impressive rating on Trustpilot because of its service, friendly pricing, and effectiveness in the industry.

    The anti-detect browser has a browser that is based on chrome and capable of spoofing the browsing fingerprints while it replaces some of the parameters and adds noise. Even though some people have complained of this mechanism causing verification and CAPTURE issues, the results are different; everything depends on how you configure it.

    Otherwise, the application is very straightforward, and you can generate unique fingerprints with only a button click. What makes Gologin unique is the proxy support though it is out of the box, and this means they are not effective when you are targeting complicated websites but suitable for typical browsing tasks.

    The app also comes with the android version, and you can access the feature through the cloud interface. Among the browser, Gologin has a free plan with limited features for 7 days. To enjoy advanced features and multiple profiles, you must subscribe to the premium version.

    3. AdsPower

    AdsPower Homepage

    • Price: From $10/month for 10 profiles
    • For: Windows, macOS

    AdsPower is a perfect anti-detect browser for managing multiple social media accounts, accessing revenue growth, and protecting accounts. It can operate on all platforms around the world. This is a good choice because of the access to advanced features, which include browser automation with extension application, automatic IP matching, and access to massive valuable extensions, and it is effective for teamwork.

    Some technical features tests indicate that it possesses the browser fingerprint test, deploys global access to various servers, and checks the operation logs anytime. Something interesting about AdsPower is that, during data transmission, it ensures all the data is encrypted through the SSL symmetric.

    AdsPower is considered the most powerful; no-code automation anti-detect browser and has gained popularity where it is now found outside china upon translating the application to English. Otherwise, AdsPower has a simple user interface and can handle batches of accounts, making it the best anti-detect browser on the market.

    Again, they also offer a free trial version on their website. No need to have programming knowledge; instead, you only have to click and get things done. with free plans, you can access up to two profiles alone but in terms of pricing, the applicable is affordable and suitable for business managers.

    Some use cases include scraping, retail price comparison, self-testing, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing, besides eCommerce.The application has scored an excellent rating on Trustpilot, which you can attest to.

    4. SessionBox

    SessionBox Homepage

    • Price:59.99/mo workstation
    • For: Windows and macOS

    SessionBox comes next on the list with impressive and unique products effective for all digital marketers as well as social media influencers. It is good, especially when you want to manage multiple accounts on any platform hence listed as a reliable anti-detect browser.

    Here, you will come across the SessionBox workstations, which has intelligent digital fingerprint good for management as well as the session isolation tech. After that, when you go for this anti-detect browser, you can log in to different social media platform accounts and manage them simultaneously. You will never get locked out because the browsing makes all the requests sent look valid with varying browser fingerprints.

    Then secondly, you can as well use the SessionBox extension that is compatible with browsers like chrome. You only need to download and add it to the browser as an extension. Thus, it can transform conventional websites into multi-login browsers, remaining anonymous.

    Regardless of which one you select, you are guaranteed online privacy across all the sessions, and it is simple with no configuration skills needed. You can upgrade from one plan to another or cancel your active subscription anytime. wiWithxtension, it is the cheapest option.

    5. Kameleo

    Kameleo Homepage

    • Price: From €59/month
    • For: Windows, Android

    Kameleo is bragging as the stealth browsing platform. Therefore, it offers not only the basic protections services but also mobile profiles by changing the fingerprints on the device through proxy configuration, all sorts of automation up to a hundred accounts as well as the ability to multi-accounting, which makes the management of profiles as simple as well as you can share the saved browsing profile with the members in your business.

    Within two minutes, you would be through with Kameleo anti-detect browser configuration. It is simple and also comes with a browser extension. Kameleo is well known because of its unlimited browsing profiles and mobile application.

    If you look keenly at their website, you will find that the application supports all major browsers. All operations base everything on the base profile to get the famous fingerprint configuration with a few minor adjustments.

    Regardless of the plan, you select, you can create unlimited profiles and start the automation process in no time. However, some customers have complained of slow customer responses. They are also working on introducing a new method to spoof canvas fingerprints.

    6. Ghost Browser

    Ghost Browser Homepage

    • Price: starts at $21 monthly but is billed annually.
    • For: Windows macOS

    while working on the list of the best anti-detect browsers, we also came across the precious Ghost Browser. It works wonders; mainly, the multi-account is concerned with the anti-detect surfers. It offers more advanced services besides basic anti-detect protection.

    It is one of the browsers that guarantees working spaces. You can count on Ghost Browser for your digital marketing agency. If you have regular online tasks like advertising, managing multiple accounts, and even research.

    Ghost Browser comes with multiple browsing features such as bookmarking, history download, folders, and even settings. It is also compatible with proxies and comes with an instant chrome extension. You can use the workspace to manage the tabs and choose between permanent and temporary identities.

    This browser anti-detect is efficient in fighting tab bloating, has excellent p[roxy options, offers multiple identity types, etc. It is even elementary to operate and switch, compatible with not only macs and windows but also Linux is on the roadmap.

    Their customer support is on another level, and chromium open source developers back the security feature from around the world. They also have a demo but only valid for one hour, but the free plan is forever.

    7. Indigo Browser

    Indigo Browser Homepage

    • Price: Starts at $99 solo plan
    • For: Windows, macOS, Linux

    Indigo Browser is also a reliable anti-detect browser. Still, you need to note that it is based on Multilogin, which is why people in Russia refer to Multilogin as Indigo Browser. It is said that the application is for arbitrageurs and is designed to help manage multiple accounts and create and generate traffic arbitrageurs.

    It comes with its remote servers away from the multi-login, which makes it an independent anti-detect browser on the market.

    Indigo Browser has a well-experienced staff performing with AdWords and Facebook. This is the only browser that gets support from Russia. The good proven options work well with the team indigo though the drawback is that it is much more expensive compared to other alternatives on the market.

    8. VMLogin

    VMLogin Homepage

    • Price: Starts at $99 for a solo plan
    • For: Windows

    The next on our list is the VMLogin, another excellent anti-detect browser on the market. You can browse online using multiple profiles with different identifier aspects or environments. One thing you need to keep in mind is that, in operation, VMLogin isolates the cookies and caches.

    After that, it tends to replace the original fingerprints with unique ones, which we call masks. With this in mind, you can then sue VMLogin to automate the applications using browser automation studio, and also, selenium works well.

    In terms of settings up, VMLogin is the simplest, with an easy setup process for your business. Within a single environment, the team member has one account or profile where the person can control,  share and manage the environment.

    But it is so sad that the browser is only compatible with windows but comes with advanced features which are not simply team collaboration but also ensure the business workflow is maintained. The other features include managing multiple browser profiles, controlling browser fingerprints, etc. You can give it a try as well with only a single click.

    9. X Browser

    X Browser Homepage

    • Price: Free
    • For: Windows, macOS

    Going for any anti-detect browser online is not the issue; the issue is getting the application that is compatible with your needs and falls within your budget. Therefore, X-Browser is a good option for individual use and when you have a tight budget since it has a free option for everyone.

    Thus, instead of buying the browser, it comes for free, but you need to buy smartproxy residential proxies to make it work effectively. Therefore, X-Browser is the best option for you today if you plan to spend money on this but with a fixed budget on the proxies alone. Never waste this chance, as anything can change at any time.

    Individual marketers, this is an excellent option for you, and it does even sync profiles and never stores data in the cloud storage. But instead, it offers all your needs with relevant browser integration, but one cannot essential cookies. The anti-detect browser has a simple user interface which makes everything simple and easy to change the fingerprint.

    It does not limit users on the number of profiles you can create. The browser is worth a shot, but not when you are not planning to purchase the smartproxy residential proxies. The good news is that the company has a three-day refund policy if they fail to deliver, which we do not hope for.

    10. Incogniton

    Incogniton Homepage

    • Price: starts from 29.99 per Month
    • For: Windows, macOS

    The last on our list of the best anti-detect browser is the fully featured Incogniton which comes with the free 10 profiles plan. This is the new generation based on the market chromium anti-detect browser.

    From experience, Incogniton also shares the features with other reputable anti-detect browsers such as GoLogin, which includes creating and managing multiple social media platform accounts, creating bulk accounts, and importing cookies as automation services through headless library and API compatibility. It also has a unique feature that enables you to paste the human typing to fill the forms in no time quickly.

    The good thing with this browser is the free plan which gives users access to up to 10 profiles as opposed to the competitors online. And if you have over 10 accounts, you can subscribe to premium plans to enjoy other advanced features like team eats and automation service. This is an excellent choice to start with as newbies before investing in premium services.

    How to Check Their Effectiveness?

    Using the above anti-detect browsers is a matter between life and death through the cap[ability of the application to spoof the fingerprints. Therefore, a reliable anti-detect browser must be in a position to:-

    • Be different from the devices,
    • Be able to create unique fingerprints without any mismatches or leakage consistently
    • Then it must not be unique; this is important.

    Other providers duplicate the data because the fingerprints get the data from dozens of endpoint data sources, which creates room for inconsistency. Therefore, it becomes hard to achieve the task. Thu,s if you want to perform a test on your anti-detect browser, quality is through the Canvas fingerprinting.

    However, the test is not perfect, and when the test results that the application is 100% unique, few websites can detect such an anti-detect browser profile. This means that when selecting the browser, never resist seeking the free trial and running it through the test site.


    There are many anti-detect browsers online which are effective but also pricing matters. Though others are scammers, selecting the right one is an issue. This is why we have compiled a list of the best anti-detect browsers, which you need to outfit with the relevant proxies to generate unique profiles.

    Otherwise, antidetect surfers are best regarding the marketing campaign and access to advanced insights through online research on not only social media platforms but also on target websites and ad verifications. We have listed some of the best anonymous browsers to guarantee sustainability in the above list. Give them a try before getting premium packages.