Guide to Create Your Own Rotating Gateway Proxies

IPBot allows you to deploy HTTP gateway proxies with rotating exit IPs.

These are useful for controlling dynamic IPs programmatically through one static IP in cloud applications and pre-production environments.


  • An installation of IPBot
  • 1 deployed server with at least 3 proxy IPs
  • 1 IP used as a gateway proxy
  • At least 2 IPs used as static target proxies

Table of Contents

This guide is divided into 4 easy sections:

  1. 1. Configure Gateway Proxies
  2. 2. Set IP Rotation Frequency
  3. 3. Configure Static Proxies
  4. 4. Authenticate Gateway Proxies

Configure Gateway Proxies

For this guide, let's use the example IPs that we configured previously.

First, log in to the control panel and navigate to the Servers page.

Select the list icon titled Manage server proxy IPs.

The next page should look like this:

IPBot proxy management page screenshot

Select the checkboxes for the proxies you're going to convert to gateway proxies.

IPBot proxy management page gateway selected screenshot

Then, select the rotation icon titled Configure proxy gateway rotation settings.

The next page looks like this:

IPBot convert proxy to gateway screenshot

Select the checkbox titled Convert Selected Proxies to Gateway Proxies.

Set IP Rotation Frequency

From here, you can configure the gateway proxy to rotate to a new IP every X number of minutes, or rotate to a new IP on every request.

IPBot rotation frequency screenshot

Configure Static Proxies

Once you've configured the rotation frequency, select the static proxies that your gateway proxy will rotate through.

These can be used as both direct static proxy IPs and rotating exit IPs for your gateways simultaneously.

You can also select static exit IPs from all active proxy orders in your account.

IPBot select static proxies screenshot 1

Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Apply Configuration button.

IPBot select static proxies screenshot 2

The next page should look like this:

IPBot rotation settings saved screenshot

Authenticate Gateway Proxies

To authenticate your proxies with a username:password combination and/or whitelisted IPs, select the icon titled Configure proxy authentication settings.

The next page should look like this:

IPBot rotation proxy authentication screenshot

You can create a username:password combination and whitelist the source IP addresses that will be accessing your gateway proxies.

Then, select the Apply Configuration button.

These configurations will apply within 5-10 minutes across your entire network.

To format and download your list of rotating backconnect proxies, select the clipboard icon titled Download list of selected proxies.

The next page should look like this:

IPBot download gateway proxy screenshot

It's that easy to create a rotating HTTP proxy network with IPBot.