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How to Manage Social Media for Multiple Clients

    Want to easily manage multiple social accounts to promote your business?  Then this is the article you have to read!

    Ever had your client’s social media account blocked? Or have you been restrained by a wall of CAPTCHAs and phone number verifications? These are just a few struggles of managing multiple social media accounts.

    The good news is it’s possible to get rid of them all, and in this article, we will tell you how. But to understand how the solutions will benefit you, let’s first break down the exact problems they’ll solve.

    What Are IP Bans?

    IP Bans

    Did you know that social media platforms limit the number of accounts created from a single IP address? Even those who don’t communicate openly about having this restriction, for example, on Twitter.

    This limit is set to protect users from spam or other unwanted behavior. However, the limit also affects people who create multiple accounts for their clients. Set up too many, and the platform might block all accounts created from the same IP instead of blocking the new one.

    But that’s not it. As different VPN and proxy services became widely accessible, overcoming IP bans became easier. Social media platforms are aware of this. That’s why, besides restricting the number of accounts made from one IP, they also limit the number of accounts created with the same browser fingerprint.

    What is Browser Fingerprinting?

    Browser Fingerprinting

    Browser fingerprinting is a method of identifying website visitors via a collection of data points about your device, internet connection, and software preferences. So, social media platforms can still know it’s you even if you change your IP.

    Why Verification Requests and CAPTCHA?

    Verification Requests and CAPTCHA

    Another annoying issue is verification requests and CAPTCHAs. Social media platforms are openly hostile toward bots. Unfortunately, even though you’re made from bone and flesh, managing different accounts using one device with a single fingerprint makes you look like a bot on social media platforms.

    So to test you, websites will throw CAPTCHAs or verification requests. For example, when setting up a new account, Facebook can ask for phone verification. That’s where things get burdensome cause you either invest in an unhealthy amount of physical phones or in a burner phone service.

    If you manage multiple social media accounts, you’ll encounter one of these problems sooner or later. Luckily, you can avoid all of them, so you’ll need a proxy and an antidetect browser.

    How to Manage Social Media for Multiple Clients?

    Manage Social Media

    1: Use Proxies

    Use Proxies

    But when it comes to proxies, not every type will work. So, it’s important to choose the right one. Mobile proxies are a great option. They have the best IP reputation and are the hardest to block because hundreds of users share the same IP address. However, mobile proxy IPs are costly. A cheaper but still reliable solution is residential proxies. Residential IPs are hard to identify because they route your connection through real devices.

    Usually laptops or PCs. So, they work great for tricking social media platforms into thinking that your account is authentic. You can also consider dedicated datacenter proxies. These datacenter proxies you won’t have to share with anyone else. Dedicated datacenter proxies are cheaper than both mobile or residential, but less reliable since websites tend to identify and block them more often.

    2: Use Anti-Detect Browsers

    Use Anti-Detect Browsers

    But as I mentioned, proxies can’t do all of the solving alone. You’re gonna need an antidetect browser to mask your fingerprint. Anti-detect browsers are apps similar to Chrome or Firefox but with the ability to spoof your browser fingerprint.

    By changing your browser information, hardware, and software settings, these browsers make your fingerprint less unique and so – harder to trace. Not only that, you can create a new fingerprint for each account you manage. That way, social media platforms have no way of tying the many accounts you manage to each other.

    Anti-detect browsers also help with ad verification, and multiple account automation, and conveniently support proxy integration. Anti-detect browsers are relatively cheap compared to Virtual Private Servers or other social media account management tools. So, you’ll make your job easier and save money.