Buy Static Proxies

Performance-oriented HTTP / HTTPS proxies with static IP addresses and powerful control panel features.

IPv4 Proxies

2 IPv4 Proxies 16.00 USD per month Add to Cart
10 IPv4 Proxies 80.00 USD per month Add to Cart
20 IPv4 Proxies 160.00 USD per month Add to Cart
40 IPv4 Proxies 320.00 USD per month Add to Cart
80 IPv4 Proxies 640.00 USD per month Add to Cart
160 IPv4 Proxies 1280.00 USD per month Add to Cart
320 IPv4 Proxies 2560.00 USD per month Add to Cart
640 IPv4 Proxies 5120.00 USD per month Add to Cart

Unmetered Bandwidth

Go crazy with unlimited and unmetered data transfer without worrying about bandwidth fees or hidden overage costs.

High Thread Limits

All allocated proxies can handle virtually unlimited threads and are guaranteed to allow enough simultaneous connections for any use case.

Open-source Control Panel

The control panel for managing your list of proxy servers is completely custom-built. You can request new features or just build them yourself.

Large IP Address Reserve

Extra IPv4 and IPv6 proxy IPs are kept on standby and factored into the total pricing to supply urgent proxy IP refreshes when needed.

Fast Order Delivery

Proxies are activated instantly after payment confirmation is received. You can request a refund if the automated delivery system is too slow.

Non-sequential IP Addresses

Ensure proxy IP diversity with random IP address allocation and a range of multiple class-C subnets available.

Private Authentication

Both username:password and whitelisted IP authentication are supported for secure private proxy access.

Sustainable Proxy Hosting

Efficient tuning allows thousands of proxy IPs per dedicated server for a more sustainable global footprint.