Add Proxy Processes with Custom Listening Ports

Open as many listening ports as needed for each redundant proxy process created per server.

Add custom DNS IPs to each proxy process.

Server proxy process management screenshot

Add Nameserver Processes with Custom Listening and Source IPs

Easily deploy custom DNS processes for each server with either external or internal listening IPs from the server's usable IPs.

Use multiple source IPs with the same listening IP for automatically-rotating DNS IP addresses.

Server DNS management screenshot

Manage Server Deployments from the Dashboard

Activate, deactivate and allocate thousands of usable server IP nodes for each server from a centralized interface.

Server deployment management screenshot

Configure Gateway IP Rotation Settings

Convert any static proxy IP in your control panel into a rotating proxy gateway with custom rotation intervals.

IPs can be used as direct static proxies and gateway exit proxies simultaneously.

Proxy rotation settings screenshot

Scale Proxy Quantities Dynamically

Easily upgrade, downgrade and merge proxy orders from the control panel without waiting for custom invoices or support requests.

Proxy order upgrade screenshot

Authenticate Proxies With Granular Access Controls

Create unique username:password combinations and whitelisted access IPs for private authenticated proxy access.

Automatically generate random usernames and passwords for each selected proxy IP to add additional security.

Proxy authentication form screenshot

Schedule Automatic Proxy Replacements

Set custom proxy replacement frequencies for individually-selected proxies.

All proxy IPs can be replaced up to twice per month and they'll remain online for 24 hours after they're replaced.

Proxy replacement schedule screenshot

Manage Millions of IPs

Allocate, authenticate, change and group proxy IPs in bulk with background request processing.

Bulk request processing screenshot

Maintain Proxy Settings Programatically

Automate existing control panel functions with a complete JSON API for authentication, replacements and proxy retrieval.

Enable, disable and authenticate API endpoint URLs for each order with custom username:password combinations.

Proxy JSON API documentation screenshot

Track Payments and Invoices Efficiently

Effortlessly manage your account invoices and recurring payments using a custom billing system built-in to IPBot.

Provide client-facing proxy services with your own servers using automated billing reminders and order activations/deactivations.

Order invoice screenshot

Filter Proxies With Flexible Search Functions

Save time spent sorting through large proxy lists with powerful search functions by IP address, location, ASN, proxy status, subnet and/or keyword.

Advanced proxy search form screenshot

Format List of Proxies Easily

Copy your proxies and authentication info to the clipboard in multiple formats to accomodate your application.

Proxy list formatting screenshot

Organize Proxies Using Custom Groups

Coordinate specific proxies with custom proxy labeling and grouping features for easy proxy list management.

Proxy group management screenshot

Easy Installation

Quickly install the IPBot control panel within minutes by visiting the /install URL.

Full installation instructions coming soon.

IPBot installation