Why Use IPBot?

Proxy IPs keep us connected to the public internet.

When proxy network architecture is deployed, it usually becomes very complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

IPBot solves these problems with an optimized automation platform.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. For Enterprise
  2. 2. For Internet Providers
  3. 3. For Mobile Carriers
  4. 4. For Cloud Hosting
  5. 5. For Military
  6. 6. For Proxy Providers
  7. 7. For Privacy
  8. 8. For Internet Freedom
  9. 9. For Cybersecurity
  10. 10. For Everyone

For Enterprise

The internet is the world's largest source of data.

Data is obtained by connecting to websites with a public IP address.

Some websites with desirable data will block the IP address after too many connections.

This is a problem for businesses that rely on collecting data from multiple websites, such as AI-powered services that rely on dynamic website data or ticket price comparison services.

This is why online businesses use multiple proxy IPs so they can always connect to these websites.

If these businesses decide to rent proxies instead of hosting them in-house, they risk corrupting their data from web page data manipulation and exposing their activity to the proxy provider.

They also risk frequent IP bans and abuse reports if the proxy provider's IPs are unknowingly shared with other customers.

IPBot is the best solution for avoiding these risks by making it too easy for businesses to host their own proxy infrastructure.

Every aspect of deploying and managing your own proxy network is completely automated with the added benefit of unsurpassed performance optimizations.

For Internet Providers

It's important for ISPs to use correctly-optimized HTTP and SOCKS proxies for processing traffic to alleviate slow internet speeds from upstream congestion.

The IPBot platform's proxy server deployment configurations are already pre-optimized for both horizontal and vertical scaling.

ISPs also need to protect the IP addresses they own from spam and abuse.

[Coming soon] Instead of relying on middle-men to prevent abuse, ISPs can use IPBot to set granular request limitations for specific proxy IP addresses and URLs.

For Mobile Carriers

Delivering mobile data uses network architecture with satellite connections and something called backhaul internet connectivity.

IP-based network architectures use proxies for quickly delivering data to meet the demands of subscribers.

Speeds become very slow if there are too many subscribers on a congested network with poorly-optimized proxy servers.

Implementing IPBot allows mobile carriers to deliver very fast cellular data speeds using automated NAT load balancing technology for DNS and proxy processes.

For Cloud Hosting

Applications with frequently-changing server instances need a static proxy IP to route all traffic through for easy IP whitelisting and compatibility.

IPBot can easily deploy a static proxy IP with automated load balancing between an unlimited amount of static proxy server IPs.

This enables high-traffic throughput with very low latency on a single gateway proxy IP.

For Military

Proxy networks can be used as militarized botnets for cyber warfare.

IPBot's static HTTP/SOCKS server-side proxy configuration will hide your IP address by default for accessing network infrastructure.

Rotating IP gateway configurations are designed for high-throughput and low latency for extremely-effective DDoS attacks, brute-force attacks, etc.

The platform's automation is very powerful for managing long-term proxy networks within your own ASN and deploying short-term multicloud proxy networks at scale.

IPBot is everyone's easy-to-use "secret weapon" with open-source code.

For Proxy Providers

Existing solutions for proxy IP providers require too much manual work for specific customer requests.

IPBot automatically handles the complete shopping cart process, order provisioning, order customization, proxy hosting, proxy deployment, customer invoicing & billing, transaction processing, notification emails, order upgrades & downgrades.

Everything you need to start your own proxy business is built-in to IPBot as a complete solution.

For Privacy

Internet privacy only increases in popularity as time goes on.

Renting a VPN or static proxy IP is a well-known solution for conveniently preventing online snooping, securing your data with encryption and hiding your IP address from websites on the public internet.

The problem with doing this is that you're still connecting through a VPN or proxy server that's controlled by someone else.

This means that some of them could be decrypting secure connections or logging your internet usage activity.

Creating your own reliable proxy server or VPN usually requires tons of time and technical knowledge.

The IPBot platform makes it just as easy to create your own HTTPS-secure proxy so you can control your own internet privacy and security.

Although outgoing packets and upstream connections can technically be intercepted by the host or the ISP, you can at least have some extra peace-of-mind knowing that your sensitive data is stored and tunneled through servers that only you have access to.

For Internet Freedom

Internet censorship is a growing concern among internet users who value unrestricted access to information.

If an ISP or website is required by law to restrict access to an entire region, they can implement a proxy firewall to block access to a specific set of IP addresses, ISPs, URLs, etc.

To circumvent this, although it may be illegal in some countries, a proxy with a foreign IP address is required.

If a proxy is purchased from a well-known proxy or VPN provider, the IP address may already be blocked from previous usage.

IPBot makes it possible for beginners to easily deploy proxies on all cloud hosting providers.

This makes it substantially more difficult to detect and censor well-known companies with proxy hosting.

For Cybersecurity

Centralized control and automation for interconnected proxy network firewalls is an obvious security risk.

IPBot is the simplest and most-secure solution with an open-source framework that's actually built using PHP and JavaScript "from the ground up".

None of IPBot's custom installation or deployment scripts rely on using containers for automation.

User authentication, API endpoints, HTTP/SOCKS proxy processes and DNS process are all configured by default to prevent known security issues.

Proxy networks can also be used for penetration testing and protecting against botnet attacks.

IPBot uses 100% trust security to allow for use on both public and private networks using all ports and IPs for maximum compatibility.

The configurations are optimized to handle malicious traffic as well as legitimate traffic, so it's encouraged to test and report exploits.

The IPBot platform is your central point-of-success.

For Everyone

IPBot is useful for brains connecting to space satellites with IP-based network architectures.