Create Your Own Cloud Firewall and Proxy IP Network

Deploy IPBot to automate your company's IPv4 and IPv6 proxy server management tasks with a free open-source control panel and API.

Proxy control panel screenshot

Granular Access Controls

Take full control of your network firewalls, cloud applications and web crawlers using authentication rules and grouping for individual IP addresses.

Minimal Design and Code Structure

The dashboard uses minimal design elements so you can add your own theme to match company branding.

Developer implementation is a breeze using simple and secure authentication, MVC routing and API structure. The custom-built framework uses vanilla JavaScript and PHP/MySQL.

Built for Scale

Control panel functions are designed specifically for managing billions of IPs across multiple internet service providers using custom data encoding and batch request processing.

Complete Recurring Billing System

Provide client-facing proxy services (in addition to your own internal proxy network) with a simple shopping cart, user management system and recurring billing automation platform.

Full FAQ and documentation coming soon.